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The People Who Power Our Lives

The People Who Power Our Lives

Cable's workforce

2020 has brought enormous and profound change to how Americans live their lives, and for many, that includes how much they rely on internet and television to continue working, learning, and communicating. As people become more accustomed to this new way of life in a COVID-19 environment, the cable industry's workforce continues to work innovatively and around the clock to keep Americans connected. But even pre-pandemic, the industry has long boasted a large and diverse workforce filling a wide variety of important roles to deliver?technology and content to consumers all over America.

From the field technicians, engineers, designers, and customer care agents on the front lines who build and power broadband networks behind the scenes, to the TV directors, showrunners, and creative professionals who produce the award-winning and compelling storytelling seen on the screen, cable's workforce knows no limits to bringing the connectivity that consumers need and want day in and day out.

Cable's workforce also makes a significant impact on the American economy. There are 3 million employees who work direct or indirect jobs across the industry, and at least 300 of those employees are found in every Congressional district in the country. Notably, these roles are ever-evolving as each year brings new technology, innovation, and challenges, and along with that, new job opportunities and growth within the workforce. ?

NCTA's new workforce page puts faces to the many cable employees who are enabling Americans and businesses to thrive through robust internet connectivity and powerful storytelling. Read and hear directly from our workforce on what motivates them and what it takes to bring the internet and television experience to millions of Americans.?