NCTA — The Internet & Television Association

Industry Data

Investment In Infrastructure
Dollars Invested
in infrastructure & networks
over the last 20 years
Source: S&P Global Intelligence
Broadband is the most important infrastructure powering American opportunity
Investment in Programming
Dollars Invested
in award-winning
TV shows since 1997
Source: SNL Kagan
some of the highest-quality programming ever is now being produced
Cable employees
in every congressional district
Source: Bortz Media
The industry supports over 2.9M job across the country
Jobs accounted for by cable
Direct &
Indirect Jobs
in all areas of the country
Source: Bortz Media
At least 300 people employed in every congressional district
Cable's Economic Contribution
economic contribution
Cable/Telecom is the largest investor
in the growth of the U.S. economy
Source: PPI’S U.S. Investment Heroes of 2018 Report
As new technologies and products continue to be introduced, cable's economic footprint will only continue to grow
Cable's Customer Base
cables customer base
number of customers subscribing to
broadband, television, and phone services
Source: SNL Kagan
Tens of millions of Americans use the cable industry's vital services
Cable High-Speed Internet
U.S. Households
have cable high-speed internet available
Source: Bortz Media
High-speed internet is available in rural and urban areas
Broadband Adoption
U.S. Households
have broadband
internet access at home
Source: NCTA Analysis
Every year, more and more families are discovering the importance of an Internet connection at home
Gigabit Internet
Of U.S. Homes
have access to cable's
gigabit internet speeds
Source: NCTA Analysis
Gigabit internet has never been more available
High-Speed Internet
Decrease in Price
Per Megabit
as internet use and
speeds have soared
Source: NCTA Research
Over the past decade price per megabit has gone from $9.01 to $.76
Top 10 Video Subscription Services
top 10 video services by subscribers
Competition in the video marketplace is alive and well
Source: Q4 2019 - S&P Global Intelligence, Company filings
There is significant competition in the TV marketplace
Energy Efficiency Savings
metric tons
of carbon dioxide saved under the voluntary agreement
Source: D+R International
energy efficient devices also tend to suffer fewer service problems
Energy Efficiency Savings
dollars saved
by consumers on energy bills with new energy efficient set-top boxes through 2018
Source: D+R International
remarkable savings for cable customers
Viewing Value by the Hour
For each hour
of cable video service
Source: NCTA Analysis
Cable offers among the lowest cost-per-hour form of entertainment available
Cable Wins
Emmy Awards
won by cable
networks in 2019
Source: NCTA Analysis
Cable Wins More Awards Than Streaming and Broadcast in 2019
The Monthly Cost Of A La Carte
tv value
The programming bundle offers viewers
the best overall value and experience
Source: NCTA Analysis
While no one option is perfect for everyone, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the bundle is usually the best value
Closing the Digital Divide
Closing the digital divide
number of families connected to the internet
through broadband adoption programs
Source: NCTA Analysis
2+ million families connected to the internet in 2019
Local Impacts
regulatory & franchise fees
contributed to state & local governments
Source: Bortz Media
The industry contributes to local governments through franchising & regulatory fees
Digital Literacy Training
dollars invested
in digital literacy training
and awareness since 2011
Source: NCTA Analysis
digital literacy programs help people stay safe online and compete in the global marketplace